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“The Gym Yamba is dedicated to helping people in the Yamba region to be fitter, stronger & healthier.”

Our training is about building confidence around training in a gym environment that enhances strength & fitness. We also equip you with the education to improve your nutrition and enhance your vitality.

But we understand that most people just want to look good naked. At the end of the day, looking healthy, fit, toned and strong is where we are at. It’s what we focus on and what we deliver.

We lift weights, move our body in space and push & pull random objects, not out of some sense of guilt or vanity (well not all the time) but because we like to take care of our bodies.



The programming is 100% tailored for you and is based on a tried and true formula for successful fat loss, muscle strengthening and cardiovascular fitness. The focus of each training session is to achieve personal bests, whether it’s one more rep than last session, moving a heavier weight or improving your general fitness. 


We also maintain the most financially economic personal training system in Yamba. We are not ‘cheap’ by any word as our training is First Class, however we do not believe in charging astronomical rates for people to achieve their personal goals.


We facilitate this reduced cost to you through semi-private training sessions where you can train with up to 1 or 2 others at the same time. This also creates a camaraderie that will help you keep motivated and honest about achieving your personal goals.



The training philosophy of ‘The Gym Yamba’ is to train with like-minded individuals to encourage outstanding results.

To achieve success in life, be YOU and surround yourself with successful people. If being fit, strong & toned is what you seek, then The Gym Yamba is where you’ll find it.

We utilise a hybrid method of training that incorporates circuit training into professionally designed programs. Individual coaching is always on hand whilst still working in a team environment. So you’ll always be coached to improve in some aspect of your training & technique every single session.

But you don’t have to be an athlete to attend…we cater to everyone from absolute beginners to elite athletes. Our programs are tailored to your ability.

Check out our Timetable for session times 

Group Training
Personal Training

24/7 GYM

Get fit. Stay healthy. Feel amazing. Do it all at the Gym Yamba. Our 24/7 access gym facility and fully-equipped training space offers a one-of-a-kind experience in a comfortable, personal and professional atmosphere.

Choose the below options to view our gym or view what gym membership options we offer to offer. From the ultimate beginner to the most advanced lifter we have equipment to suit all levels.

Sport Specific


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